As a market and policy leader, we build, own, manage and fund affordable US made Resilient Solar Solutions® for public purpose entities. 


Secure Futures serves as a market and policy leader in innovating Resilient Solar Solutions® for public purpose entities in the Southeast U.S.


Secure Futures, LLC, a solar development company headquartered in Staunton, VA, combines state-of–the-art solar technology with an innovative business model to make commercial scale solar readily affordable in Virginia, helping customers to realize the economic, environmental, and community benefits of solar energy.

The company currently owns and operates over two MegaWatts of solar properties in Virginia, which will save over 63,160 tons of CO2 over their 35-year lifetime.  The company expects to double its capacity in 2017.

Secure Futures designs, develops, finances, owns and operates distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions with and for tax-exempt entities to enhance their sustainability goals and to reduce their electricity costs to below grid parity. Our systems protect against future electricity price increases through 20 year solar service agreements. We pass along tax savings to our tax-exempt customers and also provide our customers with opportunities to purchase the systems at fair market values after the depreciation period. We specify made in America products and seek to source labor and professional services locally.

WE CO-DESIGN, finance, install, and maintain signature solar solutions with and for tax-exempt entities to reduce their electricity costs and to hedge against future utility price increases.

WE TEAM with top-tier partners to deliver highly reliable, high quality turnkey solar power generation systems.

WE INCREASE returns for customers, investors, and communities.

WE GUARANTEE performance for the life of the system so that customers receive exactly the expected performance from their solar power generation systems.

Founded in 2004 Secure Futures serves as Virginia’s market leader, as follows:

  • First in Virginia to deploy 20 year solar Power Purchase Agreements to finance solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays — at no capital or maintenance expense to its customers;
  • First in Virginia and in the U.S. to deploy Secure Futures’ proprietary Solar Self-Generation Agreement (Solar SGA™), a solar services agreement for use in utility territories that disallow the sale of electricity under traditional Power Purchase Agreements;
  • Build, own, operate and maintain solar facilities behind the customer’s meter to generate electricity at or below “grid-parity” price equivalent to what customers pay their electricity providers;
  • Integrate high power density solar PV panels with 25 year performance guarantees in all installations; and
  • Invest in U.S. made technology and in local communities by hiring local engineers, electricians, and steel manufacturing companies.

A partial list of projects include:

As Virginia’s solar policy leader, the company has successfully led efforts with universities, the solar industry, environmental groups, utility companies, and elected officials to enact:

  • Net-metering energy policy for all Harrisonburg residents in 2010;
  • Solar equipment local tax exemptions in Harrisonburg and Lexington, VA in 2011;
  • Power Purchase Agreement enabling state legislation in Dominion territory in 2013;
  • Statewide exemption from local taxes on solar equipment in 2014;
  • Enabling legislation for a tax exemption on renewable energy equipment as pollution reduction equipment in 2016; and
  • Freedom of Information Act exemption for municipalities participating in solar service agreements in 2017.

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