Carilion Medical Center


The 1.3 MW solar array at Carilion New River Valley Medical Center is another first in Secure Futures’ Virginia portfolio, as the only hospital system in the Commonwealth to utilitize a single-axis tracking system.   Using American made equipment, the ground mounted array will harness the energy of the sun through 3,880 SolarWorld USA 350 Watt XL monocrystaline panels, shaving the hospital’s peak energy demand by 32% annually. Construction on the project is scheduled to begin in May 2017.

The project will provide important economic development to Southwest Virginia, with a local economic impact of more than $3.8 Million. The array will be installed on leased actively managed farmland adjacent to the hospital, increasing the economic output of the land by doubling as sheep pasture and host site for the solar array.

Project components:

  • Capital investment by Carilion NRV: $0.00
  • Project size: 1,358 kW
  • Projected system output in year one: 2,121,000 + kWh
  • Percentage of annual electricity requirements: 17%
  • Equivalent to the electricity requirements of: 157 U.S. homes
  • Carbon Footprint reduction: 3.2 million pounds CO2/year

Secure Futures LLC, through its wholly owned subsidiary, E2C, LLC, has entered into a Solar Self Generation Agreement ® (Solar SGA ®) with Carilion New River Valley Clinic (Carilion) to finance, install and operate the first single axis tracking solar array on a hospital in Virginia. Carilion hosts the solar facility, and purchases solar services at a predetermined price through the Solar SGA ®. SolarWorld Americas Inc. will provide the engineering, solar panels and other equipment, all made in America. The project will be financed by a bridge loan from Community Capital Bank of Virginia, with permanent financing through Secure Futures’ financial partners and a REAP grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
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Secure Futures LLC used exclusively American-made equipment, ensuring high quality, durability, and fair environmental and labor practices. All of the panels to be installed at Carilion are SolarWorld 350 XL Monocrystalline Modules, with a service lifespan on 35-45 years, and a 25-year warranty. Secure Futures will use a Terrasmart single axis tracking system to mount the panels.

Terrasmart single axis tracking system

SolarWorld 350XL Monocrystalline Module









Secure Futures LLC. monitors the systems production daily online as well as conducts annual performance testing and maintenance on site.


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