Harrisonburg Housing & Redevelopment Authority

In May, 2013, the Secure Futures, LLC entered into a 20 year Solar Self-Generation Agreement (Solar SGA™) with the Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority, to install, own, operate and maintain a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the Lineweaver Apartment Building – a 60-unit low income apartment building. In early August, Lineweaver began generating a portion of their electricity using solar power. The 35 kW solar system is capable of producing over 45,000 kWh annually, generating nearly 6% of the building’s annual electricity needs.

Under the solar services agreement, the Authority prepaid 85% of the solar services for $78,000 and will self-generate electricity below incumbent utility prices – generating an estimated $135,000 in avoided utility costs over the 35-year service life of the solar panels. If the Authority chooses to purchase the system after five years, it could achieve higher avoided utility costs.

Secure Futures, through its subsidiary Polly Solar LLC, purchased and owns the solar panels on the roof of the Lineweaver building. The Authority hosts the solar facility and self-generates the electricity produced by the solar system. Secure Futures was awarded a grant via the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Energy for America Program (USDA-REAP).

The 35 kW system was installed in just over one week. Harrisonburg based contractor Mid-Valley Electric performed the electrical work, while Got Electric, LLC – based in Germantown, MD – installed the panels. The monocrystalline panels are made in America, manufactured by Helios Solar Works in Milwaukee, MN.

Secure Futures, LLC entered into a 20 year Solar CSGA with the Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority in May, 2013 expecting the installation to be completed by September, 2013. The electrical work began in late July, while the panels were installed July 29 – August 2. The project was completed and commissioned by August 6th.

The system is comprised of 114 .315w monocrystalline panels manufactured in the U.S. by Helios Solar Works. The panels are capaable of producing over 45,000 kWh annually and are expected to offset over 6% of the buildings annual electricity needs.

You can view the system’s performance day to day performance by clicking the link provided here: Polly Solar

Jesse ReistHarrisonburg Housing & Redevelopment Authority