Park View Mennonite Church

On November 9, 2012, Secure Futures LLC completed Phase II of a solar power generation system on the roof of Park View Mennonite Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

The Phase II installation includes 75 Suniva 260W panels, with a total peak output of 19.5 kW.  Phase II was on November 16th, 2012. The Suniva panels were manufactured in the U.S. by a U.S. owned company. The Phase I array consists of 50 Silken 245W panels for a total peak output of 12.25 kW. Phase I was installed by Mast & Brunk in December of 2011.

The combined solar arrays comprise 31.75 kW. Secure Futures owns and operates the Park View Phase II solar energy system through its subsidiary, Park View Solar, LLC. The church entered into a 20-year Solar Self-Generation Agreement (Solar SGA™) with Park View Solar LLC.

Secure Futures, LLC, through a project company, Park View Solar LLC, purchased, owns and operates the solar panels on the roof of Park View Mennonite Church (PVMC). PVMC hosts the solar facility and self-generates the electricity produced by the solar system. The church pays a fixed service price to Park View Solar LLC under a Solar SGA™.

The high-efficiency 260W photovoltaic panels were manufactured by Suniva, and were installed by Gott Electric LLC, based in Maryland, under contract with Mast & Brunk. Secure Futures, LLC is responsible for maintenance and operations.

The 75 panels were installed in three days – from November 6th through November 9th. The quick installation allowed SFLLC to reduce the ultimate cost for Park View Mennonite Church.

Phase II uses 75 Suniva panels to produce as much as 19.5 kW during peak conditions. The two systems combined use 125 panels with the capacity to generate up to 31.8 kW.

Jesse ReistPark View Mennonite Church