Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

In January 2017, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) began receiving electricity from a 257.7 DC kW ground mounted solar array at its Vehicle Research Center in Ruckersville, VA. As Secure Futures’ first ground mounted solar project, the south facing array at IIHS allows the nonprofit to optimize the solar radiation received by the facility. The array provides power to the facility which conducts crash tests and other evaluations that encourage auto manufactures to make safer vehicles.

Project components

  • System size: 258 DC kW
  • Percentage of annual electricity requirements: 34%
  • CO2 reductions: 556,099 lbs/year
  • Environmental benefits: Will keep 18,794 barrels of oil in the ground over the life of the system

Secure Futures LLC, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Ruckersville Solar, LLC, has entered into a Solar Self-Generation Agreement (SGA®) with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), to finance, install and operate ground-mounted solar array.  IIHS hosts the solar facility, self-generates the electricity produced by the solar system, and pays a fixed service price to Ruckersville Solar LLC under the Solar SGA®.

Click on the following link to see live data monitoring – including power generation and environmental impact –  for the array at IIHS.

The 678 high-efficiency photovoltaic panels were manufactured by SolarWorld Americas Inc, and were installed by Got Electric, based in Maryland, in partnership with Aurora Energy Inc, based in Maryland.

Secure Futures LLC used exclusively American-made equipment, ensuring high quality, durability, and fair environmental and labor practices. Of the 678 solar panels installed at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 545 are SolarWorld 325 monocrystalline modules and 133 are SolarWorld 345 XL monocrystalline modules, all with a service lifespan on 35-45 years, and a 25-year warranty.

Secure Futures LLC. monitors the systems production daily online as well as conducts annual performance testing and maintenance on site.

Jesse ReistInsurance Institute for Highway Safety