Secure Futures expands Its presence in Virginia’s Solar Market

Northern Virginia office led by Strategy Officer, Karen E. Torrent


Secure Futures LLC is redoubling its capacity to make solar more affordable for commercial and public purpose entities in Virginia.  This week the Company expands its presence by opening a Northern Virginia office in response to the growing demand for solar energy, and welcomes Karen E. Torrent to the position of Chief Counsel and Strategy Officer. In this newly created position, Ms. Torrent will serve as the Company’s in-house counsel and will be responsible for the strategic direction of its market and policy leadership.

The leadership move by Secure Futures reflects Virginia’s accelerating growth in solar jobs – as noted in the just-released Solar Foundation 2016 National Job Census report – that Virginia solar jobs increased by 65% last year, placing it among the fastest job growth states in the country. Since its founding in early 2010, Secure Futures has served a niche in the Commonwealth of making solar affordable, especially for municipalities, universities, communities of faith, hospitals, other non-profits, and schools, through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).  Secure Futures, applying its unique skill sets in solar technology and finance, has become a market leader in Virginia commercial-scale solar.

The company is the first to construct and operate commercial solar projects in Virginia and currently owns and operates over 1,950 kilowatts of solar properties in Virginia, which will save over 63,160 tons of CO2 over their 35-year lifetime.  The company expects to double its capacity in 2017.

Expanding the solar market in Virginia remains challenging.  Virginia is widely recognized as one of the toughest states to deploy solar projects due to economic, regulatory, legal and utility barriers.

Secure Futures is expanding its strategic business and policy leadership to strengthen the company’s capacity to develop Resilient Solar Solutions® with and for its customers and stakeholders.  The Company’s newly opened Northern Virginia office, managed by Ms. Torrent, marks an important step for the firm, as it continues to expand and position itself as market leader for commercial scale solar development in Virginia.

“We are excited about expanding Secure Futures role in sustainable growth and innovations in Virginia and fortunate that Ms. Torrent is joining our leadership team to help make this happen.” said Dr. Tony Smith, CEO of Secure Futures.  “She brings tremendous experience, insight, policy chops and charisma, and I know that our many customers and stakeholders will value her contributions.”

“As a leader in the solar industry, Secure Futures offers innovative solar solutions to lower and stabilize customer energy costs while advancing the transition to a low-carbon economy, diversifying Virginia’s energy mix and achieving energy independence.” said Ms. Torrent.  “I am thrilled to be joining the Secure Futures team as we share an enduring commitment to assist customers and stakeholders in navigating the barriers of the Virginia energy market to deploy carbon free energy and move toward a sustainable Commonwealth. “

Torrent brings her experience as a former Capitol Hill staffer and government prosecutor with extensive regulatory, government and litigation experience in the public and private sectors. Ms. Torrent’s prior work includes the federal Investment Tax Credit and Production Tax Credit, Title 9 Energy Programs under the Agricultural Act of 2014, and the Energy Independence and Security Policy Act of 2007.  Ms. Torrent previously served as the Majority Staff Counsel for the House Energy and Commerce Committee of the United States House of Representatives, Trial Attorney for the United States Department of Justice and Federal Legislative Director for a regional environmental non-profit.  Ms. Torrent holds a B.A. from Baldwin-Wallace College, a M.P.P from the University of Michigan, and a J.D. from the University of Minnesota.


About Secure Futures, LLC:

As a market and policy leader, Secure Futures builds, owns, manages and funds affordable US made Resilient Solar Solutions® for public purpose entities.   Headquartered in Staunton, VA, the Company combines state-of–the-art solar technology with an innovative business model to make commercial scale solar readily affordable in Virginia, helping customers to realize the economic, environmental, and community benefits of solar energy.

Jesse is the Communications and Policy Coordinator for Secure Futures.
Jesse ReistSecure Futures expands Its presence in Virginia’s Solar Market

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