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Your solar photovoltaic system offers a tangible, highly visible representation of your thought leadership and sustainable brand. Solar spans a wide range of educational initiatives, from science, to government, to math. We collaborate with our customers on ways to integrate each system into your community and educational initiatives. We welcome opportunities to assist with speaking events, system tours for your community, and media relations.

Our services do not begin and end with the financing and installing of your solar systems. We will look to engage the community through public outreach and awareness of the environmental benefits to the entity and region.
The educational process continues throughout the life of the solar system, allowing students and citizens to study how solar output is affected by weather and the design of the system, as well as understanding basic electricity generation attributes and how solar is installed/interconnected to building and the electrical grid.

We remain open and flexible in following up each project with speaking events and community outreach, continuing the strong relationships with a customer that develops out of installing and implementing solar systems. Our systems are featured in educational tours for regional engineering, electrical and design classes, including municipalities and other entities interested in installing solar.

Representing educational opportunities that result from solar installations, the Department of Geography and Environment at the University of Richmond developed a series of videos that highlight and celebrate innovative paths colleges and universities select in their commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the effects climate change. In this case, the video is focused on Washington and Lee’s 444 kW solar system.

Research for the video was undertaken by University of Richmond Professor Dr. Mary Finley-Brooke and William Hogge – video was produced by Zach Paul, University of Richmond Class of 2017. The video was developed with support from an Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) Blended Learning Grant (2013-2014).

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