Solar Benefits

Solar is not simply a reduction in electricity consumption, but a complement to demand side management and energy efficiency practices. Your solar photovoltaic (PV) system will directly reduce energy consumption from the electrical grid, reducing fuel surcharges, taxes, and peak demand charges associated with grid-supplied energy. Our solar financial service models provide consistent pricing for the life of the agreement, offering a grid parity equivalent price allowing customers to lower electricity costs and to budget these savings over 35 years of the equipment service life.

This financial services model offers customers:
  • Freedom from capital expenditures for on-site renewable power generation: Customer has no capital costs or equipment costs. Equipment is owned and warranted by Secure Futures and leased to the customer.
  • Long-term price stability: Up to 25 year equipment lease or power purchase agreement contract with contracted escalation rate per year. Secure Futures’s SPPA pricing achieves grid parity price across customer’s entire peak demand and usage levels, even after cost of financing. Recent historic grid-supplied energy rate increases have been far higher than our set escalator for most customers, further magnifying savings over time.
  • Price stability on electricity expenditures to customers for 25 years.
  • Environmentally benign source of power and recyclable structural materials that results in 33,000 tons of CO2 saved per each 1 MW solar PV installed = carbon savings from 2,000 acres of mature pine trees (25 years).
  • Further establishment of customer as a solar development leader, and model of sustainable energy production within their community.

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