Technical Solutions

Your solar photovoltaic system will be installed using top tier solar equipment, and – when possible – using products and equipment made in America. Our team has over twenty years experience in designing, engineering and installing state of the art solar photovoltaic systems, including practice in energy management and demand side management.

Secure Futures and its teaming partners have experience in all types of technical solutions for mounting solar PV systems – our experience provides sound advice on the best locations to design and install your solar system. We design projects with levels of redundancy to ensure the highest performance, minimized down time and simplicity in replacement. All equipment is chosen based on product quality, performance, and warranty and in consideration for long-term maintenance

Roofs are great spaces to install solar panels, increasing the life span of your roof and providing tremendous access to our main fuel source – the sun.

Self-Ballast Flat Roof Systems:

Integrated ballast mounting solutions for commercial flat roofs overcome common roof installation challenges enabling integrators to maximize array construction speed. System also offers the lowest lifecycle system costs of any product in its class. Non-penetrating roof systems ensure that roof warranties are not compromised by flashing required by other systems.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems:

Eliminates roof penetrations by attaching to the roof seam – a very cost effective and efficient solution, with non-penetrating attributes.

 Ground mount systems provide easily accessible PV solutions, and make use of space that is often overlooked. Ground mounted systems with modular construction allow for a flexible design for custom solar energy ground mounted systems. Each system is designed specific to the site, exceeding all standards for wind and snow loading to ensure a long system life. Foundations can include either helical ground screws, pier foundations, and above-ground ballasts.

Canopy systems offer highly visible solar PV solutions – increasing your institutions brand value, and creating valuable summer shade. Canopy systems offer creative ways to reduce the use of valuable space, and enhance your solar system through car charging stations and other power outlets.

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