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America’s universities and colleges continue to lead the world in innovation, research and development of students for a new generation economy. These are the thought leaders in attracting the brightest students, faculty, staff and researchers from around the world. Today, these leaders face difficult financial challenges, as traditional revenue streams become increasingly constricted.

For many higher educational institutions, energy costs represent a high expense, increasingly putting pressure on budgets, planning and rising tuition. Solar photovoltaics represent a significant opportunity to reduce energy cost, freeing up capital for new programs, new research equipment and alleviating pressure on tuition increases.

Secure Futures serves as the market leader in providing resilient solar solutions for colleges and universities, reducing energy expenses and maximizing brand value for our customers.

University of Richmond 

In May, 2016 Secure Futures LLC completed a solar power generation system on the campus of the University of Richmond (UR) in Richmond, Virginia. Totaling 205 kW, the array was installed on the roof of the Weinstein Recreation and Wellness Center.

The UR project is home to the first commercial application of SolarWorld USA bi-sun solar panels, which increase efficiency by taking advantage of solar radiation from both direct sunlight on the front and ambient light from the back. Employing various roof and solar panel types, the array was designed to be a research and development tool for both UR students and faculty and SolarWorld Americas Inc.  The project was also the first commercial-scale power purchase agreement (PPA) in the state of Virginia since a pilot program in Dominion Virginia Power’s territory began in 2013. 

Not only does this project help the university address its significant commitment to environmental sustainability, our agreement with Secure Futures should allow us to reduce our utility expenses.”David Hale, VP for Business and Finance

Washington and Lee University

The largest solar photovoltaic system for a private institution, the 444 kW solar system, provides over 3% of University’s annual electricity requirements, reducing 1.4 million lbs of CO2 per year.

This project represents another instance of how we are aligning our institutional practices with what we preach to our students about their duties as responsible citizens and their obligations to future generations.”Dr. Ken Ruscio, President of Washington and Lee University

Eastern Mennonite University

The first Power Purchase Agreement & first commercial scale project in Virginia, the 104 kW solar system on the Hartzler Library provides over 2% of the University’s annual electricity requirements, reducing over 340,800 lbs. of CO2 per year.

This solar project represents good stewardship of the university’s financial resources and the Earth’s natural resources.”Dr. Loren Swartzendruber, President, Eastern Mennonite University

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